Hey There! Glad you made it back or maybe you are here for the first time, Welcome. We are a boutique group that supports small businesses, that hasn’t changed. What we are doing now is determinedly serving artists. As a poet and business person I understand the need to be heard and the desire for success in that hearing. The space of fear between putting your business – your “baby” out there and putting yourself out there in the universe they are the same.

It’s tough, I agree. The reason my logo is a light bulb is because that is a lot of what I do. I think about how to solve problems or situations and how to make the work flow effortlessly. Of course, most of us realize that effortlessly is a fallacy but we still try our best to obtain it.

My background in marketing solutions and technology has given me a keen sense of how to resolve business annoyances. I don’t like to think of difficulties as “problems” because there is a solution to every problem. The challenge is finding the best solution that works for the business and you. This is the same for the artist.

We artists are driven by our desire to share our work with the world. Whether, visual, poetic or fluid through dance. We must share it – the universe calls. If you are looking for a creative consultant for your business and want to step up the next level or step out and be seen. Then send me an email and let’s talk. You can review my awards and professional attributes either on the next few pages or LinkedIn. I have a client list available to share but not publicly. Feel free to email me at: PAR.media1@gmail.com or call me.

You can view my poetic blog at: http://www.littlepisuniverse.wordpress.com – I am a poor peoples campaigner, feminist and advocate for social justice. I am also a literary enthusiast. Hope to hear from you. Take care ~